Many argue which is the most popular sport on the planet. Most people believe American basketball or football is the most popular game. But, those who attempt to justify these sports will be strongly criticized by world football fans. World football is a worldwide game that connects nearly everyone in the World.

There are ten main reasons football is the most fantastic sport in the World.

1. Love for the Sport

Whatever place you choose to watch the football game, there is one thing that never changes. One sure thing is the enthusiasm that every person is possessed for football. Whatever part of the World you reside in, the love for the sport is the same.

The same excitement in homes all over the World can be seen in the stadium and on the field every game day.

Every major stadium in the World of football is crowded every weekend by fans who would sacrifice anything for their team and players who would do the same.

The only sport will match the excitement of matches, and during the weeks preceding each game, every week in the World of football.

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2. Rivalry Matches

One of the best moments in football is when two fierce rivals battle one another. These matches of rivalry are different from crosstown derby games. However, they produce the same kind of hatred and passion for opposing teams.

An excellent example of this would be the Manchester United vs Liverpool games that highlight two of the top club that play English football. Other rivalries develop through matches in continental competitions, such as Barcelona and. Manchester United in two of the four UEFA Champions League finals.

These rivalries provide more than just excitement to each game and improve the playing on the field. In each match between rivals in international football, the energy level of the teams' players is elevated over their usual level.

3. No Age Limit

Every major American pro sport requires that players be of a certain age before they can participate. For instance, it is the case that the NFL has a rule that players must be at least three years removed from high school before they can be eligible for the NFL draft. In the NBA, players must be removed from high school one year before being eligible for the draft.

In the World of football, there are no minimum age requirements for players to participate. If a club believes the player is fit to be a first-team player, they'll throw the player off the pitch. Recent instances include Raheem Sterling, who is from Liverpool, and Luke Shaw of Southampton.

Each player made their debut when they were 17 this season and impressed the fans with their impressive performances.

If Sterling and Shaw were American basketball or football players, they would be eligible to represent their teams once they reached the age of 19 years at the very earliest.

4. Historic Stadiums

In America, more locating historic stadiums constructed more than 100 years ago must be located. All over Europe and South America that is the standard for football stadiums across Europe and South America. Stadiums with grand designs like Anfield, Old Trafford, Camp Nou, Maracana, Azteca, and the Bernabeu have been around for a long time and are not likely to disappear in the near future.

Each time a footballer enters one of these fantastic stadiums, feelings of wonder and wonder over the body of the viewer. When it comes to American sports, stadiums can only last up to 40 years due to the sports teams across the United States having to keep up with other sports franchises.

5. Relegation

The most exciting features of international football are the process of relegation. Many top leagues have their three worst teams relegated to the division that is below them.

Instead of the gratification of a draft pick as in American sports, most shabby clubs in the World must endure the agony of being dropped.

The relegation system is unique and can make a game between two teams at the bottom of the table worth watching due to relegation.

6. Promotion

On the other side of the scale, being promoted to the top league is everything to an organization. Even if a club remains in an elite European league such as the EPL or La Liga for just one season, the financial rewards and recognition from fans will always benefit the club promoted.

Certain clubs are enticed by chance to be promoted to the top division in their country more than they enjoy the possibility of qualifying for European spots, which is a place in the table where most promoted clubs can barely make it to.

7. Dramatic Announcers

World football is only sometimes accused of having too many excellent announcers.The best of the bunch in the World of football announcers can be found in Martin Tyler, who has been announcing Premier League matches since its debut in 1992.

Tyler's voice is well-known all over the World, and his call to Sergio Aguero's goal of winning the EPL title in the last season is the most historical.

An EPL voice has also spoiled the fans of the EPL, Ian Darke, who has become a significant figure in broadcasting for football in the last few years, as his work continues with ex-Liverpool footballer Steve McManaman for ESPN.

Another excellent voice to call soccer matches around the World includes Ray Hudson, whose commentary for various European leagues over the past few years has been gaining a lot of traction.

The trio of most prominent voices around commentating on the sport, why consider a different sport for more enlightened commentators?

8. Unrestricted Criticism of Ownership

When American sports fans concentrate on outspoken owners such as Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys World football, fans pay attention to every owner's move.

At least once during a season, fans express their displeasure at ownership. Recently, the owners who have had their supporters protest against them include Venky's, who own Blackburn Rovers, and Tom Hicks and George Gillett, the former owners of Liverpool.

They are just two of the protests that have attracted the attention of footballers around the World.

This happens more frequently in football in the World than in American sports. It makes football fans superior to fans in every American sport.

9. Transfer Madness

Every year, twice the craziness of the transfer market comes at the top of the football world. The transfer procedure in international football differs from free-agent rules in American sports.

There are undoubtedly free agents in the World of football; however, the biggest deals in the transfer window are made from the funds that clubs offer their rival clubs when buying the player.

The most recent and lucrative transfer deals of the past few years include The Chelsea acquisition of Fernando Torres, Liverpool's capture of Andy Carroll, Real Madrid's significant move to sign Cristiano Ronaldo, and Manchester United's purchase of Robin van Persie this past summer.

10. Sir Alex and the Special One

There are no managers from any sport like to Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho, Ferguson and Mourinho are the most vocal managers in the World of football, and the football world is watching each word they speak.

Ferguson, the manager of Manchester United, always has something to say about the happenings of his team's games and other games that don't even have his team in them.

The 71-year-old was matched to 2004 as Mourinho was appointed to the EPL as the manager of Chelsea.

Mourinho has since resigned from his post at Stamford Bridge to manage Inter Milan and Real Madrid, but his behaviour hasn't changed one little bit.

The two management giants are going to be around for a while, and, with this being the case, they will always continue to liven the discussion on every issue being debated in the World of football.

The two managers meet in February during the UEFA Champions League Round of 16. Be prepared for lots of mind games, as well as regular antics from Ferguson as well as Mourinho.