Although a wagging tail is commonly considered to be a method to show the love of their owners, there's a myriad of other indicators that show your dog is genuinely happy. Your pet may not be able to hug your body. However, they could demonstrate their love by doing things such as leaning on you, giving you a toy, or even carrying around some of your most beloved possessions (or, at the very least, the socks you've worn the most).

The dog's behaviour can also be interpreted as other signs of affection, such as wagging tails or a paw being held high. Dogs express their emotions through body communication in various ways ranging from subtle to completely evident. It's often difficult to determine how their actions influence your pet. However, specific ways exist to tell if they are secure and feel loved. They also are eager to show that feeling.

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We've compiled dogs' most common expressions of affection, so you can tell precisely when your dog says, "I love you."

  1. Holding Eye Contact

Eye contact for long periods is only for those you trust, admire and feel secure with. That's the same for dogs.

Eye contact isn't just a great tool for training your dog. It helps you form an emotional bond as well. When your dog's eyes are directed at your face, their brain releases Oxytocin. It's also known as the "love hormone" Oxytocin happens to be the hormone that mothers' brains produce when connecting with their children.

The most important thing is to maintain your natural eye contact while engaging in play or snuggling. If you make eyes with the dog, it's likely to get uncomfortable and look away.

  1. Leaning against You

As long as you keep eye contact, It's unlikely to lean against someone you don't aren't sure about. Neither will your dog.

If you're on the sofa or floor, If your dog is leaning against you, it's a sign that they're safe, secure and comfortable (and they're probably in search of some attention or attention). Sometimes, dogs lean on their owners when they're nervous or scared; however, it could also indicate that they view you as their defender.

  1. You're sleeping in your bedroom

If you don't let your dog sleep in the bedroom, but they prefer to sleep in your bed, they will be in love with you. Why? Doing anything to be near your bed while you're asleep indicates to the dog that it is committed and doesn't want to be removed from the group.

(If you're not planning to allow your pet to sleep on the couch, why not consider investing in a comfy puppy bed?)

  1. They're ecstatic when they get Home

Do your dog's jump between the floors, rub your face and hands or bring you a toy or "excited pee" in a small amount after you return from school, work, or running errands? Yes, they're excited to see you. Chances are, you're thrilled to meet your pet, too.

  1. They carry your shoes around, and they leave smoky Socks All Over

Pets who are tied with their pet owners enjoy their scents. They may take over your shoe box or hamper of laundry for smelly socks, T-shirts, and underwear.

Shoes that are stolen and dirty clothes aren't the ideal solution, especially when your dog loves to chew. But you can avoid excessive chewing by offering your dog many stimulating and safe chew toys.

  1. They'll check on you

More independent dogs may not always be by your side or tucked up at your feet; however, this doesn't mean they can't appreciate you. If your pet "checks in" to you from a different room, while walking or even in a different area, they're checking to make sure that you're there.

  1. In search of physical contact

Physical affection is crucial in the bond you have with your pet. We're not suggesting that you hug your dog or give them a huge hug. Instead, cuddles, pets and leans, and perhaps even gentle hugs are powerful signs the two of you are close.

  1. They pee whenever they see you

It's not an indication that your toilet training is slowing down. The puppies, especially the dogs, are likely to pee sometimes when they're excited, but most dogs get from this and can hold their urine when excited to meet you. If your dog isn't growing from this behaviour, consult your veterinarian to identify any health problems.

  1. They'll bring you their favourite Toy

If your dog gives you their preferred Toy, it doesn't indicate that they are playing, although the desire to play is also a significant symbol of puppy love. As the pack leader of your dog is presenting its most prized and loved Toy for you to enjoy. It's quite an honour, isn't it?

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  1. They'll Smile at You

You're not imagining it! Imagination! Dogs can learn to "smile" by moving their lips backward, revealing an enormous, wide smile. Recognizing the smile with a big grin and a happy voice will tell your dog you are also a fan.

  1. They wag Their Tails

Tail-wags are a typical indication of affection or happiness in dogs, but according to some studies, it could be a sign of various emotions. A 2007 study published in the Journal of Science, Current Biology found that dogs wag their tails slightly towards the right when they feel happy seeing people they know.

  1. Their ears are relaxed

For dogs, floppy ears are an indicator of ease. If your pup's ears remain up, they're to be alert and tense; flattened ears signify anxiety or anxiety. If your ears are loose and relaxed, it means Fido is relaxed and loose and relaxed, too (and likely is in need of scratching his ears).