How do you become an actor of a high standard? Do you have some secret formula that only some A-Listers are aware of, which the rest of us do not? Are they luck, genetics, or simply determination?

I've been a self-help guru for a long time; I've studied top performers and success. I became a certified coach and was fortunate to coach some of the most successful individuals. Each of them taught me a lot about how to live a remarkable life and your dream. Sometimes I feel like I have learned more from them than I did from myself, but everyone said this was not the case.

Here are five characteristics I picked up from my top-performing (I'm talking about self-made, multi-millionaire, and even celebrities) clients on the importance of success, wealth, and following your goals.

1. The ability to succeed is developed in time rather than overnight

Oh, I know, patience, patience, not what you want to hear. But the reality is that career paths are made, relationships are made, and resume is built. It takes a few days to be done. In other words, be an artist and not just a hack! Your life's work is not a quick-money Ponzi scheme. Make it seem like something you're passionate about.

"I believe that people don't pay enough attention what they are doing. I've done a great job however the reason for this is fairly straightforward: I've worked my body to the max. The most difficult thing that for a performer to accomplish is to appear like something that comes easily." Justin Timberlake. Justin Timberlake


As often as possible, you should work with the people you would like to collaborate with for the remainder of your life.

It's a game that takes a long time to complete; think of some of the best-producing partners, who are directors, actors, and producers working together repeatedly. In this fast-paced industry, it is crucial to be a part of the "work family" you respect, like, and trust to collaborate with! More extensive and ambitious projects will be in the pipeline in the future.Read about How tall is angus cloud

"Don't think about how you can be successful, however, work towards being important and success will come." Oprah Winfrey

3. LIFETIME LEARNER Be always willing to be a student

Remember how I said that self-made millionaires employ coaches? It was pretty surprising, but everyone I spoke to was an ardent enthusiast of learning, devouring new information, and using a teacher or coach whenever possible.

"I'm extremely grateful that my mom did not force me to stop piano lessons when I was ten. She told me I was not old or competent enough to make that choice. She was right. I remember that time I was stunned. I was not happy with my mother saying these things to me. When I had the opportunity for a playdate with Yo-Yo or, in recent times, with Aretha Franklin, I thought, "I'm extremely grateful for the things she did." -- Condoleezza Rice

4. Prioritize your priorities with ruthless zeal

It was something that I heard Matthew McConaughey say just after his win at his Oscar in the film "Dallas Buyer's Club" You must prioritize the things you cherish; they will make you feel happy and allow you to reach your goals. Warren Buffet is also famous for his adage of "the power of not saying "no," which suggests that wealthy people can say no to everything and focus on a select few values such as habits, priorities, and habits.

"There's no any instant success. This is my issue with shows such as American Idol. It promotes the false notion that there's a certain magic to be discovered. This may be the way that television operates however it's not how the world operates. Being at the highest level in any field requires an immense amount of focus, dedication on, drive, talent and 99 other factors that don't display on TV. It's not just about being selected. This, in turn is the reason why only a few of the anointed contestants of American Idol have gone on to be successful. The majority have been snubbed and left. This should tell us something." -- Malcolm Gladwell

5. COURAGEOUS: Don't fear failure, but fail strategically

Many people tell you to "don't be afraid of the possibility of failure"; however, it doesn't mean that you should go out and perform bad work or purposely mess up. It would help if you gave everything; however, you must view everything as an experiment, not an exact result. If it isn't successful or is likely to fail, Find out quickly! (Hence the phrase "fail quickly") Learn from the experience, then shift to something more likely to be successful.

"You learn by making mistakes and the mistakes others make. Truth is that there is no way to gain knowledge from your successes You learn from the failures." George Clooney. George Clooney.